Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bad everything day? There is a cure

Some days are just meant to be bad hair days, bad skin days, make up disaster days and the clothes just don't seem to fit and if it has gone real bad you could end up starting a nuclear war, by mistake. Today was one of those days (so far no war, thank God I kept calm) and to  make you and me prevent those future days, here is a checklist for you to print and save.

Listen to your inner voice (the intelligent one)
Just do it. I know you have a voice telling you right and wrongs and that little voice is fashionable and sophisticated to. So listen to it. If it tells you to wash your hair and you try to shut it down by saying to yourself you did it yesterday eve, you'll end up with a bad hair day. And we all are familiar with those days, they're no fun, not at all. Especially as you never sync them with that perfect hair friend of yours so you just end up feeling shitty or having a power bad day. The same goes for listening to the voice telling you it's not that bad, if the word bad is used its an alarm. Massive, yelling, blinking alarm. Not that bad means it really is that bad. Go wash the stupid hair, blow it and you won't have these annoying discussions with yourself. 

Don't trust your judgement 
As you by now know you had a weird fight with yourself, trying to compromise on your beauty, be careful with your judgements as you can't be 100% trusted today. Be extra careful doing your beauty routine, today is not the day to try on a new eyeshadow or tomato red oh so not everyday wearable lipstick. You'll end up feeling like a Picasso piece of art. Very odd feeling. If you really dare to put make up on today, keep cool, don't freak out and be creative, just keep to the basics. 

Choose outfit with respect for your comfort zone 
Some days your confidence is top notch and some days it's comme ci comme ca. When you have your top notch superwoman day and you just feel really comfortable in your skin and when you check you might have grown two inches taller... Well, that day is perfect for trying on new outfits and it won't cause any damage to your confidence like it might do today. Avoid bright colors and go for the soft jeans, or the most comfortable pair of pants you own (NO, I'm not talking about that yoga pant nor the pair of pants you wear very unofficial like when you have your period, or fever or...)  I'm talking about the pair of pants you wear to often because they just feel so good. Wear them today to. Don't compromise on ironing thinking no one will notice, because you will notice and  you will feel annoyed about it. Today is not a good day to feed that feeling. As you already woke up on a strange mood you'll probably end up questioning human existence anyways, but try to prevent it.

 I got dressed in a blouse I didn't have time to iron. Why didn't I chose a non iron-one ore, just something else? I ended up changing clothes 4 times during the day and yet, I felt uncomfortable. But that was before I decided to make this intelligent list so it was kind of cool anyways as in study purpose, as no one got hurt. 

Choose a nice tank or tee, make sure it's soft, and to pimp the outfit go for all your bangles, I mean all. Semi African stylish, yeah. When your already at it, pick those ear hoops as well, they fit to every outfit really, nothing can go wrong. 

Party playlist on,  right now
Wrap up in a huge scarf, put on ballet flats and sing out loud to your party spotify playlist. You rock, big time. Now as you have minimized the risk for you starting that war you are prepared to leave your house. Actually you can dance a bit, just a few cool moves to boost that party Tuesday-morning feeling.

The sunnies
Don't forget them, they are your best friend! I mean let's be honest, even though you followed the list and now feel a bit better about yourself it's a long day and anything can happen, really. So just in case of, even if its cloudy, rainy or a upcoming May blizzard...!!? Bring them. Sometimes they boost confidence and sometimes you go ostrich thinking no one will see you if you hide your face behind them (it wasn't me falling over my own feet over that lady on the bicycle that fell over that dog that fell on that baby, swear to God, (thanks heaven for my sunnies *whistle whistle*) can't see what you mean).

So by the end of the day you'll probably look better and definitely feel better then what I did by the end of  my catastrophe day. Alien undercover stylish in my cap and sunnies 11 pm, inside if my house but couldn't do less or you'd hurt your eyes, that's for sure. But it was either this or brown paper bag over head stylish so yeah, talkin to me?? Haha. Do you have any kick ass tip when disaster is a fact? Feel free to share, maybe we can put up an entire anti-catastrophe-day-guide?

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