Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black diamond super deal

Today I went out. I had like 2 hours off during the afternoon and I wasn't really searching for anything, but the shopping fairy was with me and showed me the way to the best buys. So much fun! Finally I made some really good deals.First I went to a private backstage sale at the very talented jewel designer J Dauphin. She won the price for best Swedish accessory designer 2 years in a row and no wonder why. So many nice pieces! I fell in love with a ring in bronze with a little black diamond, so cool! It's like three rings in a row. I bought it from Dauphin in person, Thank you! It was a very good deal. Oh and right before the diamond, I got myself my summer scent 2013: See By Chloe. Love it!

When I left a little chic bird had whispered in my ear that Elin-Maria Boutique had a super sale, starting today. Even though the rain was pouring down from heavy black clouds, I went there and woho, good job! When I left my hair was a wet mess but with me I had so much nice things. I'll save them for you for later, the lightning is to crappy now so the photos wouldn't be view-able anyways. But I can tease you with white, wide Rodebjer pants and a new pair of favorite jeans, Replay of course!

When I was out on my 2 hours shopping tour today I wore red lips. I really tried to act normal but I felt like a weirdo so first thing when I arrived back home was to wash it off and swap back to light pink again. Oh, that was so much better! I ain't ready for it just yet. And hey, I'm thinking about to change hairstyle. What do you think? A little less blond and bangs? Yes? No? Yes? No! Oh, opinions here please before I do something drastic!


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