Friday, May 10, 2013

Choosing outfit of the day

When I'm choosing the outfit of the day I'm most of the time very stressed and I select one is that it looks good but still feels good.

The routine is I run with the kids to school and then head back to my home-office. The only time I meet people during the day is at lunchtime and maybe during the power walks on my way to and from school.

I'd like for my life to be a little more eccentric and sometimes it is, but most about the time it's just not. Still, I want to feel chic, but on a no time effort. So I have come to realize the secret is about having a smashing hot, colorful part of the closet only for this purpose.

So maybe in the morning, I would put on those tight skinny pants, blouse, blazer, and heels, but hey, it just doesn't happen. In panic, I look for my favorite jeans, put them on, with a camisole in lace and a colorful cardigan and scarf. On my feet, sneakers in white or navy. This is how I do it most of the time so I made a part of my closet to fit this style.

I bought several nice cardigans in happy colors. Several camisoles in different fabrics. Lace and silk are favorites!!! Then as I don't have time to choose among a billion accessories I focus on buying scarfs. Voilà, trendy happy closet!

Here are some snapshots from that one part of the closet. So many colors, yet they do so good together!!!

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