Monday, May 27, 2013

Dead or Alive?

As surprising as it may sound, some people actually say they can't tell if I'm tired or not. I'm not sure whether it's a compliment or not, but to straight this out, here's the entire checklist to see if I'm more dead than alive.

When I'm tired, my hair is up, never down. And never up in a nice way. More like if I have slept in a bun and then realizing I don't give a s***, I just let it be.

I wear contact lenses 6 days a week, but on the 7th day of any given week, I am just too tired/sleepy/lazy to go through the lenses experience. If I try in my half-sleep, I just end up dropping one on the floor and the other one usually ends up upside down, so I find myself half blind and dizzy, crawling on the floor trying to find something I won’t be able to find.

When and if I manage to find them and put them on, my eyes are so dry that my lenses feels like wearing a pair of cheap, bad fitted, polyester-lace string panties that are two sizes too small. Not workable at all. Glasses on and lenses off.

If I accidentally happen to wear heels, it won’t be on my power tired day.

I don't know why, but every time I'm this tired, I end up in colorful clothes or clothes with a pattern, which I normally hardly ever wear. Maybe, it is to compensate for my less colorful mood. So basically, if you see me around in a neon t-shirt, leopard blouse or that Desigual coat, you know the odds of having a proper dialogue with me are close to 0. Call me tomorrow instead.

Some piece of garment might be inside out, backward or just simply missing. Yeah, I'm telling the truth. Okay, it's not like I leave the house in my underwear, but it happened before that I left without socks in the morning, forgot my camisole under my blouse or that my tee is inside out.

Most of the time during winter, when it's so cold to the point where everything freezes to death (Welcome to Sweden..!), you have to wear so many layers that it is easy to forget your gloves, scarf or, oh well, anything.

Wrongfully, I usually think that my tiredness is due to a lack of sugar in my metabolism instead of my lack of sleep, so I eat like there is no tomorrow to prevent myself from fainting.

So if you see me around holding on a chocolate bar, croissants, mini snacks or just anything unhealthy, you know I'm just tired. And soon 2 sizes+ and still tired. So hey could you please be so kind to inform me that I might just need a nap?

Empty. You'll find me in the other room enjoying my heavenly comfortable bed for a power nap.


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