Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diet version hair routine

Sometimes i just get so tired of my hair routine. Just to look a little descent takes so much effort! I have fine hair, wool-like with some curls. It gets quite dry and often very fluffy puffy, 100% annoying. Usually I wash it, blow it and brush it. It takes about 40 minutes and 40 minutes of my morning is 40 minutes I rather use for sleeping. Actually, when the alarm clock sets off in the morning I'm more dead then alive.

I so admire you guys that wakes up before the alarm rings and then are functionable and up in like 30 seconds. I am a dysfunctional freak until aprox 1 hour after I'm up from bed and then I realize, I'm a mess. A mess in a hurry. Actually I read somewhere that some people's brains swell during sleep and I strongly buy that as a fact, as it happens to me every morning.

So basically I'm working on a diet version of my hair routine so that I don't have to spend those 40 min of effort, blood sweat and tears every morning. Starting yesterday. Ok I washed it, then a bit of serum, no brush, no heat no nothing. I felt ok yesterday. The hair had actually some nice waves and the only thing I went nuts about was the puff around my head. Like a gloria out of my lamb wool hair, not so nice.

I made two curls with my GHD maxi straightener nearest my face and then it was ok. The only thing I missed was some volume, I'll try to work on that another day. This morning when I woke up, the hair was a disaster again. Same diet-routine and I feel ok. Not top notch top top but ok. I think I'll keep this natural hairstyle during weeks and keep my straightener for the weekends. Anyone else out there with Mary's little lambs hair? What's your tip? Any tips for cool products? I use J Beverly Hills shampoo, conditioner and masque. Works quite well on my bleached lengths.

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