Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's talk about Make-up

When I studied to become an make up artist about 10 years ago we learned to to the foundation all cover up. No matter if it was a bridal make up, party, day, night or transvestite make up, you covered the entire face in thick foundation and loose powder.

Then of course concealer and some more powder. Then we were told to first put some blush on to bring back (...!!! Oh my....) some color to the face. OK this routine I used on myself before my twenties. No wrinkles no nothing, so it was kind of OK as it was everything i knew. But as the years went by I left all that make up behind as well as my profession. With every year that passed by my make up bag just went tinier and tinier.

 Thank God for evolution, especially on foundations. By now the foundations are so subtle you hardly feel them there, still they soften your impression up, leaves no  edges and makes your skin tone more even. I use a BB cream spf 15, nude skin from Dior. It brings moisture and leaves the skin with a natural glow. I don't put it all over, mostly just around my eyes and cheeks as I tend to get a little reddish there and it works quite well as a primer for my blusher. 

As I think make up should be about popping out your natural beauty and not about trying to paint on a new face I use as natural shades as I can. The blush is from Face and has a pink-coral warm tone. I never go without it. The lips for me always have to be moisturized, that's why I always carry with me lip balm, like the one on the picture from Nimue with SPF 15. 

I normally wear light pink and coral gloss or stick. If I want to pop out a bit, go a little adventurous or just take the impression from my eyes I can put on a fuchsia lipstick or tomato-red toned. I love the sticks from both Clinique and Dior, moist moist moist. 

About the eyes I'm a bit allergic to a lot of glitter and bright colored shades, I stick with the naturals. Before 20 while i was experimenting a lot with colors I had no wrinkles at all so I could easy go out with parrot colored eye-shadow, peacock or Pacific Ocean tones... 

Now if I would do some strong color like that it is limited to a bright eyeliner and only when I have a tan. Even though my face isn't like a raisin yet I do have some fine lines and the glitter seems to make them 60% more visible so that's a no-no. 

For my daily make up I just put on a bright beige shadow as a highlighter and it goes over my eyelid as well. Then a black pen in-between the upper lashes, I use Lancôme or Dior depending on my mood. The pen from Dior is a bit dryer so it leaves a more subtle impression. If I some day wake up on a crazy mood I go for a darker shadow all over upper lid and down under as-well. 

It's never with glitter and mostly I like the shadows from Dior. The  pigment on those shadow are very easy to work with and the natural shades blends into the lid very well. Regarding my kind of non existing brows I leave them as they are, I only fill out with a pen a few strains where there's a gap. 

As I by now have killer-long lashes due to the Revitalas serum I started to use 6 months ago or so, I really don't need that much drama on my lashes. Even though I'm so used to the use off a massive mascara I have some issue on letting it go. So yes, I'm addicted and I wear Lancôme hypnose drama every day but never on my under lashes. 

Whenever a make up artist does my makeup they tend to use that cover all up method I spoke about before. Then as I have quite big eyes with a quite lot of space in-between eye and brow they go all crazy about eye-shadow  I end up look like I'm 10 years older and feeling like a complete freak, washing it all off and re-doing it myself. 

And really yep, it's that bad. (Don't ask for a photo, a friend asked me to mms one while I called her almost in tears after a make up disaster, before the mms she tried to calm me down like "hey  I'm sure it's not that bad and I'm sure you look pretty even though it feels strange and so on. After the mms she laughed spontaneous and straight from the heart telling me oh my, it really is that bad. Good I enjoy her laughing more than feeling shitty about the crazy 40 year old look of me having a killer bad day.)

So really I think make up is all about finding your elements and do it in a well balanced way.

Yet Another thing I think is pretty cool is to work with contrasts, like for instance if you wear a pretty, feminine dress, work with as little make up As possible, giving that nude impression, and while wearing men-shirts, rock-t shirts and manly outfits go with a feminine make up, maybe pick out that lush, red lipstick?

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