Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's talk about skin care

As I had a few requests on the products I use, I'm going to give you the entire list and with that, my daily routine.

As a teenager I had acne. Not a massive problem, but an annoying one. My solution to that problem was to poke, squeeze and wash it with strong and cheap alcoholic products and I kept wondering why the problem lasted. (Really, they should hand out "the being a teenager manual" in every school. Oh, I forgot, we have Google now!).

So the problem lasted and as I got a bit older, the problem went away but returned with every PMS cycle. Grr! Wasn't it enough that I was acting like a psychopath, feeling shitty about meaningless stuffs and swelled in a very unflattering way? Beside that my face turned to a pizza, all I could do was to wait for the super depressive period to end. Happy again after 7 horrifying days and then it all began again a few weeks later.

When I reached my late twenties, I felt enough was enough. I booked an appointment with my local doctor on my shittiest day to get him to get me some pill against becoming a pizza during those already depressive periods. I went out without make up just to look a little more terrifying. Well, he didn't really solve my issues, even though he felt a bit sorry for me, so he gave me some strong antibiotics against it, saying that I need to keep away from the sun. So, I went off to Thailand. Well done!

Starting the process
When I came back home, I had no acne left but instead I had developed some blisters on my forehead, where the pizza actually never reached. At that point, I went to talk to an acquaintance of mine at her salon where I had booked an appointment for my sore feet (high-heel related, yep yep). She flipped out when I told her about the antibiotics, telling me that it's like dropping a nuclear bomb in the entire body. I had to promise her to never touch those pills again and she booked me in for a face treatment instead.

I started to visit her at her salon quite frequently and eventually I bought some products for my skin to help reduce and prevent the problems I had. It actually worked! After the treatments, my skin got a special glow and it lasted for weeks. The lines around my nose and mouth became less visible and the breakouts became limited to 3 a year. Success!

My routines
Everyday after I wake up, and I mean every day without cheating, I start my day with washing my face with my Nimue cleansing gel (Do you really know what's in your pillowcase?). After that, I go for my Idealist serum from Estée Lauder. It works against blackheads so well and makes the skin like silk. Then, I go for the Nimue purifier over my T-zone, it's a dry cream preventing the production of sebum (oil). Because the skin is more sensitive to the sun after breakouts, I use my Nimue sunscreen every day (Sweden is cold, but we are closer to the sun). I also use it beacuse some of the proucts I use contains AHA-acids and makes the skin extra sensitive to the sun. My Nimue sunscreen is my only cream that prevents aging, it's oil-free, and it gives a protection against the changes in pigments while giving a healthier looking tan. I simply love it.

My evening routine looks kind of the same. The only thing added to the procedure is the Nimue Active Lotion, which is too strong for day use. It works amazingly well at the beginning of a breakout. The breakout simply vanishes, crawls back where it came from and au revoir the pizza me :).

When I find products and methods that work for me, I stick to them. Those products works so well for me and combined with the salon treatments, it's a true keeper. My skin is smoother than it ever used to be, my PMS more friendly (something my man cannot confirm, even though I feel a bit better now) and the luster... i simply feel great.

Yep yep this is how I do it! I don't have to tell you that I'm 100% faithful to my lovely skin-therapist, do I? She is a pro!

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