Friday, May 24, 2013

My new darlings

Look at those darlings I bought during lunch today. I saw them, tried them and, ooooooh lord, I so kept them!There's something about me that loves high high heels and something that just doesn't. I love high heels but they make my feet so sore I just can't stand them! I buy them and keep them as pieces of art but never use them.

I had this discussion with a friend before telling her I would put them on my (massive) balcony and grow flowers in them. Yet, I love how incredibly hot a boring outfit can turn out when you put high heels on.

Actually, every outfit gets like 1000000% hotter when you wear high heels. Buuuut so freakin' un-comfortable! I can't stand them! I left them forever. Goodbye heels! I have my super soft Sabatina Wellness flats now!!! NO, it was a joke, dear high heels I can never leave you!!!

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