Friday, May 24, 2013

Pyjamas love

Let's have a little talk about night-wears that turns into day-wears (in reality with a little effort, it's not like you sleep in your pyjamas and then just slip into your heels and voila ready to go). But anyways, I have a vision of a little more romantic me that every morning wakes up in cute little pyjamas with my hair in a cute mess.Well, it just never happens. The words morning + cute never works out quite well when it comes to me. Actually I go to bed too tired to give a... And I wake up kind of in the same way. But somewhere during the day I have this cute little vision.

Well guess how happy I am now when fashion gave me permission to wear pyjamas pants with heels. So coool! Might be coolest thing ever invented. I bought several pairs in a row, black, navy with polka dots, another black, snake skin print, navy and grey... Love it.

Looks so effortlessly chic and you just throw those heels on and a white tank, off you go. Oh and yep, wear them with leather jacket, tuxedo jacket, a sweater and collar or just kind of whatever. Then you can organize your hair in a cute mess.

Today I wear my navy with a psycho-pattern pyjamas from MQ. The blouse is from Rodebjer and the heels from Bianco. This snapshots are from when I had lunch with my boyfriend as he always does the funny face while taking snapshots at me so it's sort of impossible to look normal.

Anyways, now I'm curious to know how do you wear your pyjamas?

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