Friday, May 10, 2013

Foundations test: The verdict

So, remember I was asked by my skin therapist earlier this week to try on a few foundations from different brands? Such a fun mission! She brought me make up from three different brands. Nimue, Pür and Palina easy going minerals.
My skin is normal/combined. I have reduced breakouts to nothing by using Nimue products and visit my lovely skin therapist once in a while (Once a month? Sometimes more hardly never less). But I do have the problem of getting kind of oily in the afternoon and really I never better up my make up during the day, only for special occasion, expect from lipstick as I feel weak and lost without.

I was actually most curious about the make up from Nimue, as I love their skin care and because they represented liquid foundation which I'm used to. So day one I went for Nimue liquid foundation and mineral powder. The foundation was very light, yet I could feel it there... The skin felt smooth but a bit shiny after application so I went on with the mineral powder. The powder was in a brush and you "click click" it to make the powder "puff" out. The powder was even lighter and the synthetic brush felt a bit rough on the face. Yet when I'd put all my make up on (rouge, mascara, lipstick) I felt normal but not 100% satisfied. To bad. The shiny me did shine through by the end of the day and the powder-in-brush was kind of meaningless. To bad!!!

Day 2, I went off with Pür. Pressed compact mineral powder with a very compact synthetic brush to go. Also a bronze powder, same brand. Concerning the brush, I think it ruined the result of the mineral foundation as it was weigh to rough. It was impossible to use just a little cause of the brush. The powder covered everything up, I mean everything! I always think the perfect foundation should let the best of your skin shine through and hide what's worst. The bronze powder with that brush was also difficult to apply. Result was all covered up and messy in the afternoon.

So you can understand my hopes weren't that high when last day came and I was about to try on last brand. Palina. The package was very nice and clean and the brush wasn't synthetic so it was veeeery soft. So far so good. I shaked out a bit of loose powder and as I put the brush to my face I was, no joke, amazed!!!! So delicate, very subtle, made me porcelain in no time. I'm so keeping this! Kept fresh all day, easy to just sweep the brush and it's pure satin and magic. I'm in love! The eye-shadow I tried from same brand kept the same quality. Easy to apply and very nice pigments.

I'm so pushing for her to buy in Palina for the salon, it will work in any customer I'm sure.

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