Thursday, May 16, 2013


I walk. A lot. Approximately a billion hours a day. When you walk a billion hours a day you have a lot of time to spend on thinking. On one of those walks I started to think about what I think about. Mostly it was observations of what I saw around me.

Crappy car, nice car, ugly dog, angry lady, angry lady with crappy dog, stressed parents, world moving, bicycle bicycle bicycle. I freaked out! Power of mind and positive thinking and all of that shit, I could have brought the moon down/ended a war/sort the financial crises in Cyprus if I had canalized all the power of my thoughts that I just spent on boring observations.

Ok so I made a deal with myself. I would observe only things that have a positive effect on my well being and try to just canalize my thoughts, a bit. And really, I'm surprised. Did you know people smile everyday? Really? That the foam of a latte is actually really reaaally fluffy? I love it. I love spending my walking time observing people, nature, birds, colors and so on. Today I went by such nice magnolia trees, aren't they just to pretty? 

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