Thursday, June 13, 2013

A small step outside my comfort zone

It is raining outside and any look I'll be trying to get will be ruined when I step outside. I decided to take a huge step outside my comfort zone. This is time for an experiment.

Normally, the routine for my hair care is shampoo, more shampoo, pack, conditioner, serum, argan oil, more serum and some other oil. My hair suffer from dehydration deluxe, so to prevent a hair disasters, this impressive amount of nourishing products is compulsory. Today, I went for a lighter procedure as I tried to keep some structure and waves.

The waves, we could forget about right away. The diffuser I thought I had was totally gone and I dried it with my hands instead of my brush and the waves were limited to one on each side of my forehead at the roots. Big NO NO! Flattener on, goofy waves you will be gone!

Instead of using the oils and moisturizers I normally use, I went for an oil free volume maker from Kevin Murphy called Anti.Gravity. I was very careful when I applied it because I didn't want any of it on my lengths or they would have gone goofy right away. This, we want to avoid at any cost. So, I held my head upside down and applied a small amount to the roots. I dried the hair without a brush. Then I sorted the small goofy curls the Maxi Straightener from +ghd.

I was so amazed with the structure and body my hair suddenly had and I wonder why I didn't try this before. Kevin Murphy, I love you! You deserve a post of your own! As I had volume and texture, I just had to back comb it a little bit before I made the ponytail I am normally so fed up with. Today it felt alright though.

The make up is as normal as it gets. No experiments there. I wasn't just ready for it yet...

To step further outside my comfort zone I went for the +Balenciaga perfume I never use. I bought it on my flight to Thailand last winter and I have never smelled it before. I do like it but it is just too heavy for daily use. But today was the day and I kind of really liked it.

My blouse is from Malene Birger and that one is also something I never used before. I tried it several times before, but it is something about the color, a bit too strong I think. But it is an experimental day, as you know. The blazer is from Karen Millen and the jeans from +REPLAY. My earrings are from Snö of Sweden, the ring from J Dauphin and the bracelet by Dyrberg/Kern.

It was actually a small step outside my comfort zone. Definitely not a giant leap. Another time, I will go for my sequined pants or a dark smokey eye. Until then, stay tuned.

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