Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beating the odds

If you wonder why I don't write as many articles as I normally do, it is due to my new hobby and the summer slowly arriving.

When I start with something new, I become obsessed. I am guilty as charged. I have spent my blogging time running. But the downside is that being healthy makes me tired. True story! I have never been so tired in my entire life!

Every part of my body is in pain and i feel like I have been ran over by angry elephants. I can hardly move my muscles even though I sleep like a baby. Sorry Mr Alarm, but I don't hear you anymore!

When I woke up today, I decided that I had to give myself a treat or to have a breakdown and cry! So I went to Elin Maria's store and looked at a collection from House of Dagmar.

Initially, I was wondering what was wrong with me, as I thought I wouldn't want to wear what I was looking at, but something strange happened and that was shock and awe all over again. The sweater pictured here is so cute and feels a bit odd when i wear it, but it is still awesome. The colors are so Miami Vice!

To go with the sweater, I bought a pair of turquoise and beige socks from +HAPPY SOCKS OFFICIAL. They have a feline pattern, but they match the sweater so well that they seem to be made for it. True story.

Time for another run. Stay tuned!

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