Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hair talk time

Lately, I have been thinking about changing my hairstyle. From blond to dark, from long to short. I have even considered cutting bangs again. I'm just so tired of ponytails and that my hair is only nice when it's newly washed.

For obvious reasons, I don't have time to go through a daily wash. Who does? It just seems so easy to bun it for everybody else. Relaxed, messy, up on the head. You name it! Very ready to go chic. I just can't! The worlds easiest task! But I just can't manage it. It doesn't work for me!

During my lunch today, I just realized I am not a high bun. I am a low bun! Voila. My issues are sorted for now! No bangs, no drastic cuts and definitely no bangs. Just a low bun. And heels. I am compromising on my comfort for now. So today I'm wearing high heels and a bun.

An entire outfit presentation to follow later on. Stay tuned!

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