Monday, June 03, 2013

Heavenly food and delicious sweets

Selection of food, drinks and sweets from the deli

Do you remember the old saying "don't shop when you are hungry because evil rabbits will hunt you down and..." Well, I don't. I was starving and I went to the local deli shop and bought these pretty, delicious and absolutely gorgeous little things. Oh my! Where to start?

The olives. Mmm... So good... The lemonades, I'm putting them in the refrigerator and it will be perfect for the sunny days. Spiced tea... Stir it with milk and... Nirvana.

I have a close relationship with good food. I love it! I really do!

Another brilliant invention, which could be the best one right after Internet and right before the wheel: Strawberry flavored sparkling water. You heard me right! Can't get tired of it. I'm a mass consumer. Strawberry ice cream without the ice cream? Pretty genius, if you ask me. Loka, I love you. Food, I love you. Stupid diets, I hate you! Oh wait, bikini season approaching... Grrr!

Loka Strawberry Ice Cream

Okay food I'm breaking up with you now. Good bye! I'll see you in September. Ha! Who am I fooling? Dear sweet deli-food, don't go away! I truly do love you! Give me an olive, NOW!

Mmm... That was close!

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