Monday, June 03, 2013

Hippie-wear for the summer


You might have heard about people that get pets like cats and little cute rabbits for summer and then just leave them off in the woods when vacation is over? The same goes for the hippie outfit. Admit it. Oh how we love to pick out the V-jeans from deep down the closet, the embroidered blouses and tops, leather bracelets, feathers, the bright colors combined with naturals and wooden earrings...

When the sun starts to kiss your cheek and the flowers pop up every here and there. Yep, you are a summer hippie. Just like me. Of course we all got a hippie outfits that go so perfect for a night in the garden, at the beach or if you are serious on your hippie-outfit kind of thing, the festival.

I tried one of my city hippie outfits on today. Didn't feel 100% awesome, must be due to lack of vacation... But a little more sun will do it, some colors to my whiter than white skin and some salt water to the curls... (Yeah, dream on, as if salty water would do any good to my hair at any point but never mind, it does to others or so I have heard).

So, I picked out my Desigual painted jeans that I bought last year. Or two years ago? But, that I've actually never wore them before (Short summer and a few pounds up during winter and... Well you do the maths). Today was the day when I squeezed myself into them and even if it took a little time and effort it wasn't that uncomfortable after all, and you know by now, I'm so incredibly picky about that. Anyways. Painted jeans on. Bracelet bought at Venice Beach. Pilgrim ring. Bazinga!

Peace and love.

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