Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Zombie Monday

Monday Zombie Monday

Here you have a person that suffers from insomnia and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), also known as the worst combination ever. I don't know what went wrong, but there was something that kept me up all night. By all night I mean all night, even if the nights are quite short in Scandinavia during the summer. So the day started on zombie mode for me.

During the afternoon, I got fed up with the zombie thing and decided to select which one of my Odd Molly items I loved the most. Unfortunately, I couldn't motivate myself to try them all on. The zombie wouldn't leave my body.

This blue one was a love at first sight. I spotted it in a brochure and bought it straight away. Love #1.

The yellow one is from Elin Maria's boutique. First I saw it on their webpage, and even thought it was yellow, I was surprised by how cute it looked. I had to check it out, so I went to the store, tried it on, and booom! Love it was. Love#2.

Monday Zombie Monday

I didn't just get myself a new lovely jacket, but I also fell in love with the color yellow. Today I spotted this wonderful rose on my terrace, yellow and adorable.

Monday Zombie Monday

To be honest, I cannot really decide which one of those two I love the most. I think they are equally pretty. But I will let you be the judge. Which one do you prefer?

Monday Zombie Monday

The outfit you see on the picture is the yellow jacket with a white tank underneath and Custommade shorts. The shoes (aren't they just lovely?) are from +Ugg Boots and the sunglasses from +Ray-Ban of course.

Please zombie, go away!

Stay tuned!

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