Thursday, June 06, 2013

National Day of Sweden

National Day of Sweden

Today was the the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag) and the graduation celebration for students. The city was packed with dressed up people and so was I.

I wore an Alexander McQueen pencil skirt, a t-shirt from Worn By, a denim jacket from +GUESS, and shoes from Bianco, an +Armani watch and finally rings from +H&M.

National Day of Sweden

When I was a kid, I loved to spend time trying my aunt's heels, her colorful jumpsuits. She was so much more into fashion than my mom. My mom kept fresh and clean, and that's about it. No interest for make-up, high heels or anything too fancy.

Every time I had the chance to check out some grown ups jewels, accessories or make up, I was in heaven. I remember my grandmother bought me a lipstick and some nail polish from +H&M and I just loved it. Not much has changed. I still love lipstick ridiculously much and I agree with Maria Montazami that:"Without lipstick, I feel naked and exposed". Yep, that's right, couldn't said it better myself.

When I have a few hours to spend for myself, I still try on clothes, the only thing that has changed is that now the clothes I try on are mine and they fit much better then they did 25 years ago. I have so many nice garments in my closets and it's pretty funny to mix and match them when I have time for it.

National Day of Sweden

Sometimes it's me, my closets and a glass of wine, oh how much fun we have together my closet and I. If we go really wild and crazy, I even try out different hairstyles. Most of them power ridiculous but yet, we have so much fun, in the exact same way I had fun trying my aunt's clothes on when I was 5.

Another positive thing that comes out of this play is how you get new combinations out of old darlings. You know, you have your favorite pieces, you leave them for some time, you pick them out again and see them with different eyes. Now you try to match them with just anything new and I guarantee you that by the end of your session you'll have plenty of new, awesome outfits, based on old darlings!

Thank you +Marko Plymkvist  for today's photos.

That's it for today. Happy National Day!

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