Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shopping ambivalence

Shopping ambivalence

Remember when I went to a sale at Elin Maria's boutique a couple of weeks ago? Those pants are a bargain from that sale. I love them so much! They are from Rodebjer. Totally awesome with heels. I wore them today with a blouse from +Åhléns' Wera and the black shoes from yesterday that I had found deep down my closet. At the sale, I found so many nice clothes, but nothing regarding the summer collection. I had a discussion with a friend and came to the conclusion that the previous season must have been so much better.

Shopping ambivalence

As strange as it may seem, I haven't been on a real shopping mood lately. It's just that when I see the collections from Scandinavian designers I normally shop from, nothing happens. It's like they have forgotten what femininity is all about, that they have banned classic cuts and that they almost forgot what women look like.

What's even worse is that they seem to compromise on fabrics. The blouses are no longer in silk and you need to read the etiquette properly if you don't want to end up spending on a blouse in polyester that you can find at Zara for pennies. That's sad. Of course, it can be quite fun to buy clothes just for the sake of it but it gets quite depressive as no one outside Scandinavia can spell Rodebjer or Lindex. You get my point here.

Usually, I proudly support Scandinavian designers, as some of them are really awesome, but I am just waiting for them to get back on track again, and until then, I will shop somewhere else. I am sure that the Scandinavians will come up with awesome collections at the end of the year, as the colder season is our true element.

How do you feel about the Scandinavian fashion this season? We are looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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