Monday, June 10, 2013

Skinny jeans Monday

Skinny jeans Monday

We are Monday and I realized that I suffer from a strange syndrome called "office narcolepsy". I get so sleepy when I sit down at my desk, that I feel like I'm 15 years old attending a history class, thinking about anything else than Napoleon's campaigns. This is not a joke. I am totally serious here! Last week, I actually fell asleep at my desk. Time for a change, as it seems I won't be smelling any vacation in the nearest future.

Triple espresso, upbeat playlist, positive thinking and an intense course at staying focused. Anyways, lately I've been thinking a lot about my love for skinny stretch jeans. Can't let them go! Sometimes, I'm so fed up with wearing them, it's like hello, can't I stretch my imagination beyond my skinny jeans? For real? I do my best to forget about them and yet, there they are, back on me the following day.

Skinny jeans Monday

Hey! Don't laugh at me, I know you have the same love! Everybody loves skinny jeans. They just make you look so good, no matter what! Sneakers, flats, sandals, killer heels, anything! We love them! There's nothing like skinny stretch jeans. They are comfortable enough to do Pilates in them, any yoga pose, or if you run out of pyjamas, go ahead and sleep in them. It is like a second skin.

There's just one little issue about them. You know, they go a bit low just by themselves and you need to grab them on both sides with your fingers, lift them up as high as you can and shake that bottom back in the right place. Fashion faux pas. Grrr. Can't believe I just love them so much that I let them do this to me, and I keep on doing my stupid skinny jeans dance.

Skinny jeans Monday

Today, I wore my grayish skinny jeans from +REPLAY, a t-shirt from Gina Tricot, a jacket from Custommade, a leather bag from Bianco, rings from various designers, and the heels are some old darlings I can't remember where I bought them from.

Skinny jeans, I love you. I'll keep on dancing.

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