Saturday, June 01, 2013

Today's outfit: Relaxed weekend

Ooooooh Friday! Celebration time? Oh yes. Check out these silver loafers I bought myself today. I think I can wear them with everything and I bought them in fear of destroying the ones I bought last Friday. Remember? The pearly ones, moccasins? I just love them too much.

Now, as I am in lack of sleep, I walk like a zombie. So this outfit was perfect for a sleepy day! I wear Rodebjer pants which are almost like wearing la pyjamas. They are draped in front, so eat all you can! It won't show, as they are so expandable no one will notice! Super comfy? Oh yes!

With them I wear a tucked in tank, a denim shirt from Replay, silver loafers from Depeche and a bracelet bought at Venice beach. The scarf is in cashmere and from Line of Oslo. 100% chill pill.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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