Friday, June 07, 2013

Totally addicted to pink

Pink nail polishes

It seems to me that it's rehab time. Yep, I've just found out when I checked my drawer that I'm addicted to pink nail polishes!

The interesting part is how rarely I actually paint my nails. It's just so boring! The smell of nail polish is so aggressive, it poisons a room for several hours and it gives me headaches. My lack of focus makes the whole operation like climbing the Everest.Oh, and not to forget, the never ending list of must-dos that suddenly pops up during the drying process and that needs to be sorted immediately, like texting my mom, sending an email, making coffee, brushing my teeth and just anything else than just to sit around and wait.

When the nail polish is finally dry and non-sticky, I always take it off because it doesn't feel good. If I don't take it off, it peels off in a no-time. Paint my nails? Such a stupid thing to do. But somehow, there's something about nail polish, especially when it's pink. It's like a candy and I can't stop buying it! Totally addictive. Do you have any strange addiction? Would you consider going to rehab for something like that? Haha.

Stay tuned!

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