Thursday, July 04, 2013

From Norrland with love: Lost and found

Silken scarf from Custommade

I have finally reached my destination far away from everything, with a lost iPhone 5, a lost passport and the joy of boarding a plane with my boarding pass left in my luggage during the check in. Luckily, the lost items were found and will be delivered to me by post at the end of the week, hopefully.

As predicted, the mosquitoes decided to give us a warm welcome, as thousands of them gathered just for the occasion. The midnight sun is as bright as it should be and the tranquility is surrounding me as expected.

Silken scarf from Custommade

Just before I went to the airport, I got my hands on a beautiful silken scarf from Custommade. It is a limited edition of the pre-fall collection called "Fabiana" that I bought from Elin Maria. The WOW factor prevailed again. The print is so romantic and strange at the same time. The colors so soft and lovely. I warmly recommend it. Really!

Silken scarf from Custommade, Replay jeans, Marc O' Polo shoes, and bikini from H&M

Today, I wore one of my (many) jeans from +REPLAY, my beloved Marc O' Polo shoes, a V-shaped grey top from 2 ND DAY and a black bikini from +H&M.

More to come from the edge of the world in my next article. Until then, stay tuned!

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