Tuesday, July 02, 2013

From Norrland with love: Preparing

House of Dagmar top and Hunky Dory blazer

For me packing is like a holy moment. I love organizing, matching, ironing and trying outfits, but it takes so much effort that I always push it to the last moment and the moment is now!

For those who are wondering where I am heading, I am heading to Norrland.

Norrland is one of three major regions in Sweden. It encompasses two-thirds of the country's surface and about one-sixth of its population. Most of the major national parks in Sweden are located in Norrland. The region is characterized by forests, mountains, rivers, mines, a harsh winter climate, long distances, left-wing attitudes, as well as university towns with young populations.

Remember Into the Wild, the biographical drama survival film written and directed by +Sean Penn? If you liked Alaska, you will love Norrland.

I will be visiting my parents at their cabin up north. When I say up north, I really mean up up up north. I'm expecting the midnight sun to make me forget my polar nights and mosquitoes to give us a bloody welcome. Lazy days in perspective. Just doing nothing. Back to my roots, total relaxation and a bit of the traditional stress of doing nothing and seeing no one, except my relatives and some farmers once in a while. Doing nothing can be stressful indeed.

House of Dagmar top, Hunky Dory blazer, Replay jeans and Marc O' Polo shoes

Today, I am wearing one of my new favorite tops from House of Dagmar that I bought few days ago. Pacific Ocean top you are gorgeous. I can't stop wearing you. You dress so well with everything and you look so relaxed! The white blazer is from Hunky Dory, the jeans from +REPLAY and the shoes from Marc O' Polo.

Sole Mate nail polish from Essie

To make my toenails look pretty for the mosquitoes waiting for me, I used that dark cherry color called "Sole Mate" from +Essie France. One day, I will even paint my fingernails with it. But that's a project for later.

Right now I'm heading for a massive mountain of clothes that needs ironing. Believe it or not, I kind of enjoy ironing. It always makes me meditative and zen. Zen iron-girl would be my name if +Marvel Entertainment decided to fit me in their X-Men series.

More articles from the edge of the world to follow. Stay tuned!

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