Friday, July 05, 2013

From Norrland with love: Survival mode

The stress of doing nothing has finally arrived!

It took few hours to kick in and now I'm on survival mode. The shower I longed for after my run and my small meal was expected to be the best 10 minutes of the day. FAIL! It was a proper nightmare, making my zen mode not so zen anymore and placing me on an automatic anger management registration list.

First of all, the shower isn't indoor. It is outdoor. I have to admit it comes with a nice view over a virgin forest and when the weather is nice and sunny, why not. But today it's windy, cloudy and I freeze even with my clothes on. Welcome to Norrland.

Anyways, I stepped in the shower and tried my very best to get the water at a decent temperature. I kept on alternating the water temperature from hot to cold to hot to cold to boiling. I started losing my meditative yoga stance and my dream of a nice and warm shower just vanished. I had to change my plan with a new plan that was just getting clean and basically survive!

And BAM! There it happened! 50 liters of hot water gone! Cold shower and northern winds punishing my body. I stood there with conditioner in my hair, body wash all over, so cold and so angry!!!

Speaking of stepping outside comfort zone, right now I'm so far outside mine that I don't know how to find my way back in. Can anybody help me out here? Six days to go...

Stay tuned!

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