Sunday, July 07, 2013

From Norrland with love: Vanities

House of Dagmar t-shirt and Replay jeans

When you go to a cabin like this, far away from any civilization, you travel a century back in time.

The house has been kept intact for over a century and the first ones to live there were my great grand-parents. It has 2 floors and contains 4 small rooms and a kitchen. The water closet was installed indoor in the 1940s. That means they had lived here with outdoor toilets and no lights for 35 years.

Keep in mind that we are far up up north, with cold, heavy, never ending winters, and days with almost no light at all. Even with that in mind, I whine a bit about the beauty routines I keep dear. But here, they are impossible to keep up with. My hair is nothing but a mess and it stays that way. In a past article, I told you about my routines, how I wash my hair very rapidly and just focus on keeping clean.

My vanity has been transformed to tranquility, bird songs and wild flowers in the virgin forest. Even though it's pure beauty and a natural rehab to stress, it's not without pain. I'm a heavy addict to beauty and fashion and I just can't let go. I admit it and I love it!

House of Dagmar t-shirt

Here, I do my best to try to forget about my vanity and at least I feel very comfortable in my House of Dagmar t-shirt and my fit +REPLAY jeans.

Red house

We are leaving this cute little red house for the time being. Stay tuned!

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